Theft of Business Assets

If you discover that one of your business partners is stealing from you company, this can be a devastating blow. When you trust the people you have partnered with, it can be difficult to come to grips with the fact that one partner is taking advantage of the company.

Whether the individual in question is taking physical property that belongs to the company, or using business funds for their personal use, it’s important to seek legal advice before taking any action. How you handle your suspicions can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation.

Theft of Business AssetsProving theft may be simple, or it could be highly complex because it has happened over a number of years. At Garcia Reed & Ramirez LLP, we help businesses throughout Orange and Riverside Counties deal with internal investigations in a sensitive, thorough manner.

We understand that making these types of allegations against your partners can be highly damaging to the company, and we work hard with you to establish what happened, and how it will be resolved. When you are ready to talk about concerns regarding a business partner, we are ready to listen – contact Garcia Reed & Ramirez LLP today.