Partnership & Shareholder Litigation

Partnership disputes happen, despite your best intentions. If work loads have increased because the business is growing strong, it may appear to one partner that the other is not doing their fair share of work.

If you find that you and your business partner are losing trust in one another and you aren’t happy with your partnership agreement, it’s time to sit down with a mediator who may be able to work out an agreement that works for both of you. Before the disagreement blows into a full court case, you may consider working out the problems with your business partner or find a way to part ways.

Partnership & Shareholder LitigationDisputes with shareholders can also rise as the business becomes more successful. Minority shareholders can become frustrated when the majority shareholders make decisions they don’t agree with. They may accuse you of fraud, or want to get out as a shareholder.

If a shareholder becomes disgruntled, it’s important to take care of the matter before it gets out of hand and disrupts the workings of your entire business – contact Garcia Reed & Ramirez LLP today.