Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking into purchasing real estate as an investment, or you are trying to apply for a land variance to get approval for your business, we are ready to work with you. We handle commercial real estate transactions every step of the way. From property procurement, to development, financing and stabilization, we know what it takes to resolve issues that come up in commercial real estate transactions.

Whether you want to rehabilitate a property for resale, or you want to demolish and existing building to build a new one, the laws governing how this is done can become difficult to navigate. We understand how to get you the permits and permissions that you need to get your project done.

Commercial Real EstateOnce your property is stabilized and ready for sale, we can get your property sold so that you can get your capital back for your next venture.

We also offer assistance with coming up with leasing agreements, tenant contracts and more so that your property will be filled with qualified tenants who are made fully aware of their leasing obligations through the contract you create – contact Garcia Reed & Ramirez LLP today.