Commercial Landlord/Tenant

When you own investment property, ensuring that each tenant that signs a lease with your company is a credible tenant is important. How you negotiate a lease agreement and what you include in the agreement can make a big difference in your ability to collect rent if the tenant decides to stop paying you. Each empty space in your investment property loses you money each month, and finding the right tenants for your space is critical to your bottom line.

Commercial Landlord/TenantWe offer services to help you establish a solid foundation on which to build your commercial real estate business. We help you create solid lease agreements, looking at each aspect of the lease and finding ways to protect you, the property owner.

If you find yourself in the middle of a lease negotiation and you need a mediator, we are ready to sit down with you and your potential tenant to assist in working out a deal.

We are ready to help you negotiate with tenants, or evict those that are now in breach of their leasing agreement – contact Garcia Reed & Ramirez LLP today.