Business Dissolution & Accounting

When you are no longer satisfied with your business partnership and you need a way out, Garcia Reed & Ramirez LLP is ready to meet with you to discuss your options. While mediation services in Los Angeles County may allow you and your business partner to come up with an amicable agreement, this is not always the case.

When trust has been broken, when two or more business partners no longer respect one another, it’s time to dissolve the business partnership so that all of you can move forward.

Business Dissolution & AccountingAs you work to dissolve your business and existing partnership agreement, getting what is rightfully yours out of the partnership takes some skill. We represent clients every step of the way, negotiating a settlement that you can be comfortable with. If the business has significant assets, you need legal protection to ensure you receive your fair share.

If you are ready to discuss breaking up your business partnership, we are ready to talk. Whether you are bought out by other owners, the business is sold, or another agreement is reached, we will work hard to get you everything that you deserve as you leave a stressful business partnership – contact Garcia Reed & Ramirez LLP today.