Raymond Ramirez

Raymond RamirezRaymond G. Ramirez is a graduate from Boston University Law School in 1992. He continued his studies at Boston University where he completed an LLM in Taxation. After completing his LLM in Taxation he joined Ernst & Young’s State and Local Tax Division in Los Angeles. While there he worked with a team of lawyers and accountants to reduce corporate tax liability through corporate reorganization, and helped assessed the state and local tax liabilities that might result from corporate reorganizations and mergers. He defended local and foreign corporations against state and local city taxes improperly imposed on business interests for lack of jurisdiction or other legal theories. Leaving Ernst & Young, he joined a boutique business litigation law firm where he worked for 2 years.

Wanting to be in the courtroom, he then took a job with Riverside District Attorney’s office where he worked for 18 years. For the first 8 years, he prosecuted DUIs, Drug Offenses, Sexual Assault Crimes, and General Felonies, and some Homicides. He then joined the Major Fraud Division, also known as Special Prosecutions, where he worked in Insurance Fraud, Workers Compensation Fraud, Real Estate Fraud, and major fraud involving embezzlement and commercial loan fraud.

He won a county-wide Special Prosecutions Award for his work on several Real Estate Fraud cases arising out of the sub-prime mortgage crises culminating in 2008. He made a name for himself in dealing with complicated white-collar cases. His work resulted in at least three published opinions for new applications of statutory and long-held case law. These published opinions also helped to close loopholes in the law due to the lack of clarity of long-held published opinions. As a result of his work, he became an instructor at state-wide California District Attorney Association Conferences designed to instruct fellow Deputy DAs on prosecuting complex white-collar crimes. He was also promoted to trial team leader of the Real Estate Fraud and Major Fraud Units.

Before leaving the DA’s office, he was assigned to prosecute one of the largest medical billing fraud cases ever prosecuted in the state of California up to that time, People v. Peyman Heidary. The case involved nearly $100,000,000 of medical billing fraud, involving 6 medical clinics, and sham law offices. During his interview of a physician working in the Heidary medical clinics, he was able to skillfully get the physician to admit his guilt and plead guilty to medical claim fraud. As a result of his work, other physicians also plead guilty to medical claim fraud in that case.

He has now joined our office and leads the white-collar crimes defense using the skills developed while working as a Deputy DA to defend against those who have been charged with criminal violations of law.

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